What type of compressed air pipe should be selected for the screw air compressor?

2019-09-23 14:35:47 FSTpipe 345

Many users have invested a lot of energy and money in the selection, operation and maintenance of screw air compressor equipment, but it is very wasteful due to the negligence of the compressed air pipeline.

The atmosphere contains corrosive gases, water vapor, micro-chlorine compounds and other impurities. There are about 140 million solid particles per cubic meter of air. More than 80% of these impurities are less than 2um in diameter, so it is very essy access to compressed air systems through air compressors and filters.

After simple filtration, the air containing impurities enters the screw air compressor for compression. Due to the high temperature and oxidation generated by the screw air compressor during the compression of the gas, the quality of the compressor lubricating oil is degraded and acidic.

When these solid particles enter the compressed air pipe network system together with the oil and water vapor in the compressed air, if we use traditional galvanized pipe or carbon steel pipe, the inner wall of the pipe will be rusted first because of the active chemical nature of iron. As a result, the surface of the iron exposed to the air is oxidized and rusted, making the iron soft and loose.

Ordinary carbon steel pipe is used for a long time. Corrosion impurities are naturally deposited inside the screw air compressor pipe. The final result is that the pipe (including the weld position) is rotted and leaked, and the polluted air is on the pneumatic equipment, the starting instrument and the quality of the terminal product. Serious damage is caused, the maintenance cost of the system is increased, and the leakage also causes a large waste of electric energy.

Practice has proved that the cumbersome seamless steel pipe and galvanized pipe with pollution and leakage will be slowly eliminated, as is the PVC pipe with more safety hazards. Instead, it will be a new type of versatile aluminum alloy pipe.

Therefore, enterprises should pay attention to the selection of screw air compressor pipelines, aluminum alloy pipelines are more suitable from a long-term perspective.


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