The importance of the compressed air quality management processes

2019-10-19 08:41:47 FSTpipe 123

What is the importance of the compressed air quality management processes?

The quality of compressed air in pharmaceutical factories is mainly to control the water content, oil content, dust content and biological particles, and also requires compressed air to be odorless.

Compressed air containing oil directly contaminates the drug by coming into contact with the drug. Compressed air containing liquid water droplets can cause corrosion in pipeline valves and equipment, and water droplets can also contaminate the drug and affect the quality of the drug.


The air contains a lot of dust particles and microbial particles. For the pharmaceutical industry, particles, especially dust particles, directly affect the quality of drugs and endanger people's lives. Microorganisms (biological particles) are more harmful to the human body. Microorganisms refer to bacteria and fungi. After contaminating drugs, not only will the drugs themselves be sterilized and deteriorated. Once they are misused, they will directly affect the body or the intestines. The consequences of human health are even more serious. Therefore, the compressed air used in pharmaceutical plants must be controlled mainly by particles and microorganisms. This is one of the main differences between pharmaceutical factories and other factories (such as electronics and machinery factories)that only control particles .

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