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Life is not just about the present, but also poetry and the distance.

In addition to the two-point line of work and home, there is also a heart-to-heart team building.

In order to enrich employees' spare time life and adjust life pressure,

Create a happy working atmosphere,

The company organized a cohesive team building activity,

Let go of work, let go of stress! ! !

Integrate into the collective, 

break down barriers


Icebreaker game, get to know each other. Before grouping, the coach organizes all members to warm up by shaking hands, back-beating and other small games, allowing them to break down the barriers and narrow the distance

Sincere cooperation, team first


Team 1: FSTpipe Spiders


Team 2: FSTpipe Flames


Team 3: FSTpipe Elite


Team 4: FSTpipe Ares


Team 5: FSTpipe First


Team 6: FSTpipe Champions


Team 7: FSTpipe Chaoyang Team


Team 8: FSTpipe Dreams

All the members were randomly divided into eight teams. In order to stimulate the enthusiasm of the members, each team established the team's collective sense of honor by establishing the team name, slogan and formation, and then started fierce competition.

Work together to win the battle

The project of the Roman gun mount originated from the ancient Roman battlefield in the cold weapon age. Soldiers used bamboo, wood, rope, etc. to make a gun mount that could shoot stones. This resulted in victories over and over again.

The construction of the gun mount began, and everyone quickly divided the labor and cooperated. The strong male players build bamboo and wood and tie ropes, while the dexterous female players pack water bags and think about strategies. With the sound of the whistle, the players on both sides were full of energy, and you chased me. Some team members are responsible for waving flags and cheering, while others are responsible for placing water bags. You throw, I throw, the game is very intense.

At the end of PK, although everyone's clothes were wet and their hands were dirty, everyone had a smile on their faces and enjoyed the fun of collectively creating the fruits of their labor.

Joint efforts to build towers and acupressure board challenges


There is a group of "architects"

Building a tower together

We each pull a rope

Focused on the tower with high concentration

Build the tower as high as possible

during this process

Everyone has benefited a lot

Really feel that "unity is strength"

Shiatsu board challenge


In the "Running Man" variety show, the scene of Deng Chao and Li Chen carrying a 200-pound aunt across the acupressure board made the audience "laugh cry", and Wang Zulan's heart-breaking cry also made the audience ignite the acupuncture board curious.

Everyone knows what it's like, but because I'm a team, I'm willing to take a little more pain, dedication is always a quality that is needed anywhere!

Red-black business war


Business is like a battlefield

"Red and black business war" brain game in progress

mutual trust and cooperation

Mutual benefit and win-win is king

Outdoor picnic, bonfire party

Food is an indispensable part of team building activities. Everyone showed off their cooking skills, exchanged cooking experience, and happily shared barbecue results. During the process, everyone assisted each other, washing vegetables, cutting vegetables, cooking, and cooking in an orderly manner. They enjoyed the process. Fun, but also enhance the team's ability to work together.

Bonfire Birthday Party


Enjoy a feast of perfect food. Accompanied by dynamic music, the bonfire party officially begins. Everyone wears fluorescent headdresses, waving light sticks, singing and dancing around the bonfire, showing their youthful charm in joy!



Live CS Game


The next day of the expansion, the real CS battle stage came. Everyone put on the equipment and got ready to go. The coach gave an order and all the team members quickly entered the fighting state. Everyone changed the harmony of yesterday.

Teamwork, some people charge, some people cover, and the battle goes on in an orderly manner.

This outreach activity enables everyone to enjoy a relaxed mood after the intense work, enhances the understanding and friendship between colleagues, shows the team spirit of friendship and mutual assistance, and harvests health, passion and happiness. After-work life adds color, inspires new work enthusiasm and motivation, and makes us love this big Foster family full of laughter and laughter even more!


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