Prevention of air compressor accidents

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Prevention of air compressor accidents

(1) Air compressors and their associated storage tanks, compressed air piping systems, etc. shall be designed in accordance with relevant national design codes. Dry filters shall be installed before large air compressors compress air ducts.

(2) After the air is compressed, the temperature rises sharply and the air compressor must be equipped with an effective cooling system. Large air compressor cooling water system, anti-water protection device must be sensitive and reliable. If the water supply is interrupted during operation, it is strictly forbidden to forcibly supply water and need to be stopped.

(3) The design and operation of the air storage tank shall comply with the provisions of the Pressure Vessel Safety Technical Supervision Regulations, install the necessary pressure display and overpressure regulation and alarm system, and if necessary, design an interlocking device.

(4) Large air compressors should be equipped with alarm interlocking devices such as surge, vibration, oil pressure, water supply, shaft displacement and bearing temperature according to the equipment characteristics. An airdrop test should be done before driving.

(5) The air with a certain pressure has strong oxidizing property. Therefore, the air should be strictly prevented from mixing with lubricating oil and other organic substances during storage and pipeline transportation, so as to prevent oil and other organic substances from being oxidized in the system. A burning or explosion has occurred.

(6) During the high-speed flow of air, rust and mechanical impurities may become hot fires. Therefore, the position and height of the air inlet during operation of the compressor should meet safety requirements to prevent foreign matter from entering.

(7) If the air compressor is running, if the sound is abnormal, immediately stop the inspection.

(8) The continuous cold start of large air compressors should not exceed three times, and the hot start should not exceed two times.


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