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The 3rd Quarter Sales Management Meeting of  2022


On October 21, 2022, FSTpipe's 2022 third quarter sales management meeting was held in Xiamen, Fujian. This meeting focused on reviewing the sales performance of various regions in the third quarter, and conducted in-depth analysis and discussion on the deficiencies in the first three quarters, gathered staged strategies and key points for performance improvement, and expounded the relevant work goals and work arrangements for the fourth quarter. 


At the meeting, Chairman Mr. Wang of FSTpipe said with emotion that he first came to Xiamen to develop business in 2003. It has been 20 years since the starting point of this memory, and it is also 20 years that Mr. Wang has worked diligently in the air compressor industry. , 20 years is a long time, the world has changed a lot, the international situation is changing, the face of the epidemic, the impact of the international environment, etc., have a great impact on business in all walks of life. The past has proved that in the face of brutal competition and the impact of the big environment, only companies with correct strategies and differentiated competitiveness can resist risks and survive the cold winter. FSTpipe will continue to move forward and actively explore new paths for ultra-high-quality and healthy development.

Finally, Mr. Wang asked the sales managers to adjust their status, keep in mind their mission and responsibilities at all times, devote themselves to the sales work, and do a good job in the performance sprint at the end of this year and the performance breakthrough in the next year. At the same time, after the meeting, the spirit of the meeting should be conveyed, emphasizing that all departments should strengthen business precipitation, strengthen the learning of professional knowledge, and improve the professional ability of employees. All sales management personnel are required to bring initiative and responsibility back to Go to their respective teams and transmit positive energy.


Focus on development


The next day, Mr. Zhang, the sales director, analyzed and summarized the work in the first three quarters in terms of management, marketing data, and marketing models. And for each regional market, he expounded his views with each sales management team, exchanged and shared, and had a "brainstorm" in a relaxed and happy atmosphere.

In the end, Mr. Wang, Chairman of FSTpipe, expressed his gratitude for the efforts and dedication of all sales, and pointed out that in the next stage, each department should consolidate the business foundation, strive for success while maintaining stability, improve sales performance, and at the same time further improve the level of professional services, All employees work together to make the company grow and develop more steadily.

Going against the trend to create brilliant


As FSTpipe people, we should not forget our original intention and keep our mission in mind. The first three quarters have passed. We must continue to carry forward the good ones of the past. We hope that the bad ones will be improved after this meeting. The fourth quarter has come, and the sales elites need We will meet the sprint and breakthrough in the last quarter with firmer belief, fuller passion, and a more pragmatic style. Exceed our goals!


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