Air compressor pipe installation steps

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Air compressor pipe installation steps:


The first step is to find out the requirements of the air compressor pipeline installation

The air supply port of the air compressor unit has a threaded connection and can be connected to your air supply pipe. Please refer to the factory manual for the installation dimensions.

In order to avoid the impact on the operation of the whole station or other air compressor units during maintenance, and to prevent the reverse flow of compressed air reliably during maintenance, a shut-off valve must be installed between the unit and the gas storage tank.

In order to avoid the influence of gas during the maintenance of the filter, there should be a spare line on each filter line.

The branch line must be taken from the top of the main line to prevent condensation from flowing into the compressor unit.

The pipeline is as short as possible and straight, reducing elbows and various valves to reduce pressure loss.


The second step is the connection and arrangement of the air compressor pipe

The compressed air line is 4 inches in length and the branch uses as much of the existing piping as possible.

The pipeline should generally have a slope greater than 2/1000, and the lower end should have a drain valve (plug), and the pipeline should be less.

Short bend straight valves are minimized.

When the underground pipeline passes through the main pavement, the buried depth of the pipe roof is not less than 0.7m, and the secondary pavement is not less than 0.4m.

The installation position of the pressure and flow meter and its surface size shall enable the operator to see the indicated pressure. The pressure gauge shall be in the range of 1/2 to 2/3 of the dial scale.

The system should be tested for air pressure and air tightness after installation, and should not be used for water pressure test. It is carried out at a pressure of 1.2 to 1.5 times that of the same gas, and is not acceptable for leakage.


The third step is the anti-corrosion of the air duct

After the installation is completed and the pressure test is passed, the surface dust, dirt, rust, welding slag, etc. are removed, and the paint is treated as anti-corrosion treatment. Pipeline painting has the function of anti-corrosion, prolonging the service life of the pipe, and is also easy to identify and beautiful. Generally, apply anti-rust paint on the surface first, and apply the specified blend paint.

The fourth step of lightning protection of air compressor pipeline

Once the high-voltage electricity that is induced by lightning in the pipeline is introduced into the pipeline system of the workshop and the gas equipment, it will cause personal safety accidents. Therefore, the pipeline should have good grounding before entering the workshop.


Precautions for air compressor pipe installation:

Pipeline pressure loss

When the gas flows in the tube, frictional resistance is generated in the straight pipe section; local resistance is generated at the valve, the tee, the elbow, the reducer, etc., thereby causing gas pressure loss.

The total pressure drop in the piping section should also be added to the pressure loss caused by elbows, reducers, tees, valves, etc. These values can be found in the relevant manual.

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