Guangdong Foster 2019 Mid-Autumn Festival Party & Employees Birthday Party

2019-09-15 10:58:34 FSTpipe 219

Three quarters passed in 2019

It is also about to usher in the Mid-Autumn Festival once a year.

Mid-Autumn Festival, one of the traditional Chinese festivals

For the lunar calendar August 15

It is also the second largest traditional festival in China after the Spring Festival.

On the occasion of the Reunion Festival

Foster’s family gathered together

Celebrate the birthdays of the friends in August and September together



Don't remember how long ago

Have parents, family members, and classmates

Accompanied you to spend your birthday together


Then later, you came to Foster

Have the same

Your birthday cake, birthday present, birthday card

That exclusive memory belongs to you

Foster has been treasured for you and has not changed.

Let's sing a birthday song together

Although not fashion

But very happy

Of course except the birthday cake

Lunch prepared by the cafeteria sister

It’s quite delicious as well


Getting closer to the Mid-Autumn Festival

Have you been asked too?

"What gifts will your company give to you for the Mid-Autumn Festival?"

"a watch"

"What brand of watch?"

"Duty table-watch"

There is a kind of faint sadness~~


Here Let''s take a look at what our company has prepared for us.


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