Still using galvanized pipes, steel pipes, plastic pipes? You can't afford the kind of hidden consumption!

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Still using galvanized pipes, steel pipes, plastic pipes? You can't afford the kind of hidden consumption!

Compressed air is the second-largest power source after power. Compressed air is widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, electric power, machinery, engineering, mining, real estate, light industry, textile, automobile manufacturing, electronics, food, medicine, biochemistry, national defense, scientific research, and other industries and sectors. Compressed air is required for almost all production, processing and engineering.

Most manufacturers do not pay attention to the compressed air pipeline. When considering the configuration of the production line, equipment selection, and position, they usually only pay attention to the main equipment (for example air compressor, filter, dryer, gas storage, etc). They do not understand its pressure resistance, weather resistance, oil resistance, leakage, stretchability, etc., causing oxidation and rust, leakage, deformation, aging, and brittleness of compressed air pipelines. In addition to the lack of professional design, the installation of compressed air pipelines is almost installed by the civil engineering company based on experience and imagination. Unreasonable installation layout, without accurate calculations, results in large pressure loss and fast flow loss.


Due to the neglect of the reasonable selection and investment of the previous compressed air pipeline products, it has left a long-term hidden danger to the future production line. Here are some explanations for the general issues:

The selection of pipes is critical

The atmosphere contains corrosive gases, water vapor, hydrocarbons, and other impurities. There are about 140 million solid particles per cubic meter of air. When these solid particles enter the air pipe network system with compressed air and water vapor, if the traditional galvanized pipe or carbon steel pipe is used, the inner wall of the pipe will be rusted first. And the surface of the iron exposed to the air for a long time will oxidize and rust, making the iron soft and loose. Ordinary carbon steel pipes are used for a long time, and naturally, there are corrosion impurities deposited inside the tubes. The final result is that the pipeline (including the location of the weld) is corroded and leaked. The polluted air causes serious damage to the quality of pneumatic equipment, pneumatic instruments, and terminal products, and increases the maintenance cost of the system equipment. The cause of the leakage is wasted a lot of funds. The practice has proved that the bulky and polluting seamless steel pipes and galvanized pipes are slowly being eliminated, and the PVC pipes with more safety hazards are slowly moving away from the industry, and the new full-performance aluminum alloy compression is replaced. The aluminum alloy compressed system, with its superior design, materials and production process, ensures the delivery of high-quality and pure compressed air, protects the gas terminal safety and stable product quality and adopts high-performance O-ring seal to prevent leakage happened.

Misunderstanding of capital investment

With the rapid development of the industrial economy, the scale of enterprises is getting bigger and bigger, and the infrastructure construction costs are very high. However, some owners try to save the input cost when purchasing the pipeline products and strive to save, reduce and replace the pipeline. After a period of time using, many problems have emerged, then they will start maintenance, renovation, replacement, etc. This invisibly increases the operating cost. In terms of the compressed air supply system, the aesthetic, standard, standard, reasonable, perfect, energy-saving, high-quality compressed air supply system may be more expensive than the traditional carbon steel road. If the main pipeline of a workshop is about 300m and the gas point is about 30pcs, the first time investment may be about 1800USD cheaper than the full-performance aluminum alloy compressed air pipeline. Compared with the overall construction fund, it is negligible. Many managers and the decision-makers are arrogant to choose the seamless steel pipes or galvanized pipes with low input costs, and the subsequent operating costs have never been considered e.g. the service life shorten caused by pollution, the leakage of gas caused by corrosion, the labor cost of maintenance, the replacement of pneumatic parts, the loss of labor, the rework, and the scrapped products, which are far higher than the input cost.

Pipeline design and installation

In many factories and enterprises, the compressed air transmission pipelines are linear and one-way pipeline, which will cause the front-end to work normally, but the back-end pressure and flow supply lack. In addition, during the installation design, the setting of the control valve in the section area was not considered, and the failure of one area or one equipment caused the whole plant to stop production. In the installation, the drainage problem is rarely considered. Many enterprises' compressed air pipelines are very messy, flying in the air, buried underground, intricate and unable to drain. Some manufacturers also use PVC or PPR. Because of its large expansion ratio, it does not consider the problem of the expansion port. Therefore, when designing and installing compressed air delivery pipelines, it is necessary to select the pressure piping qualified and professional companies like Guangdong Foster Fluid Technology Co., Ltd., which are professional in design, plan, and installation.


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