Eight advantages of air compressor waste heat recovery power saving equipment

2019-08-28 08:29:00 FSTpipe 167

During the working process of the air compressor, about 80% of the input electric energy will become heat, and the remaining 20% will eventually become compressed air energy. After the electric energy consumed by the compressor is converted into heat during the working process, most of the compressed mixture is taken away by the cooling medium in the respective coolers, and the heat is wasted. 

In theory, almost 98% of the heat is recycled, except that 2% of the radiant heat cannot be recovered. In order to better improve the utilization of heat, power-saving equipment for waste heat recovery of air compressors has appeared on the market.


Today, FSTpipe wants to share with you the eight advantages of the air compressor waste heat recovery power-saving equipment:

1. high efficiency and energy saving, the effect is very obvious, can consume any energy, no electricity consumption, no oil burning, zero loss

2. water cooling protection, longer life. Because the access to the power-saving equipment is equivalent to the water-cooling project for the air compressor, the system can increase the gas production, reduce the temperature, reduce the load of the cooling system, reduce the oil temperature, and prolong the air compressor while generating hot water for free. Service life.

3. use all day, do whatever you want. Since the heat source of the hot water unit is the residual heat generated from the operation of the air compressor, the generation of hot water is not affected by the weather, and as long as the production is in progress, the hot water supply can be guaranteed throughout the day.

4. quality leading, stable and durable air compressor hot water unit core part does not have any moving parts, the normal life is 8-10 years, the strict selection of materials and quality control to ensure the stability and durability of the system.

5. safe and reliable, safe and secure hot water unit in the design of the full compliance with the principle of water and electricity separation, to prevent the use of other heating equipment may occur, such as electric shock, poisoning, explosion, and other safety hazards. At the same time, the rigorous construction and scientific design also ensure the safety of the air compressor system, and the original system of the air compressor is not modified, and will not cause any adverse effects.

6. Easy installation and simple operation The hot water unit adopts modular design, simple construction, and easy operation.

7, high intelligence, saving labor The unit fully realizes the system intelligent control, water temperature control, oil temperature detection, automatic water supply, automatic water supply, intelligent shutdown, and other actions are all completed through the program, no need to be on duty.

8, green, environmental protection, energy-saving emission reduction hot water unit fully utilizes the residual heat of the air compressor to produce hot water


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