What should you pay attention to when selecting and laying compressed air pipes?

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What should you pay attention to when selecting and laying compressed air pipes?

Many users have invested a lot of energy and money in the selection, operation and maintenance of compressed air equipment, but they are very wasteful due to the negligence of the compressed air pipeline.

The selection and laying of pipelines is not only directly related to air compressor electrical and mechanical consumption, but also affects the drying effect of compressed air.

What should you pay attention to when selecting and laying compressed air pipes?

Pipe selection

At present, many users are still using carbon steel pipes and galvanized pipes; when the carbon steel pipes are used for a long time, there will naturally be corrosion deposits inside the pipes, and eventually the pipes will corrode and leak.

Polluted air causes serious damage to the quality of equipment, instruments and terminal products, increases maintenance costs, and directly wastes a lot of electrical energy.

Therefore, the bulky and leaky carbon steel pipe and galvanized pipe were slowly eliminated.

The new aluminum alloy compressed air ducts are the best choice for compressed air ducts due to their superior characteristics.

It is durable and never leaks, but it is relatively expensive, so many times stainless steel pipes are also a good choice.


Pipe laying

1. Compressed air pipelines in the hot area should be laid on overhead, thermal compensation should be considered; when the compressed air pipelines in cold areas are laid overhead, anti-freezing measures should be taken;

2. Pipes buried in the ground must pay attention to the problem of soil corrosivity and water seepage. When passing through the inconvenient road, use casing to ensure the life of the pipeline;

3. Use elbows as little as possible. Excessive elbows will cause the flow rate of compressed air to drop and increase the load on the air compressor.

4, the connection of the compressed air pipe, the preferred welding, can ensure the leakage during the transportation process is minimized.

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