What problems should be paid attention to when installing air compressor energy-saving pipes?

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What problems should I pay attention to when installing air compressor energy-saving pipes?

Air compressor foundation

The foundation of the air compressor should be built on hard soil and the foundation water level should be smoothed before installation to avoid vibration. If it is installed on the upper floor, anti-vibration measures must be taken. Otherwise, vibration will be transmitted to the downstairs or resonance phenomenon will occur, which will easily cause damage to the air compressor and the building. Generally, the vibration speed of the screw air compressor is below 11.2mm/s (belt drive) and 7.1 mm/s (coupling drive). It is not necessary to make a special foundation. It is recommended to build a height of about 120mm, and the length and width are slightly larger than the air. The platform foundation of the bottom area of the press is conducive to sewage discharge.

4. Cooling system

The water quality standard for cooling water for water-cooled air compressors shall comply with the provisions of the Design Code for Industrial Circulating Cooling Water Treatment. When there is demineralized water available inside the enterprise and the system is economically reasonable, the circulating water in the system can be demineralized water. The main reason is to prevent the calcium and magnesium ions in the water from reacting in the cooler due to the high temperature, and finally forming scale in the cooler, thereby affecting the cooling efficiency of the cooler. The cooling water pressure is generally between 0.15 and 0.4 MPa, and the cooling water outlet temperature should be maintained between 6 ° C and 10 ° C above the inlet temperature. A filter screen should be installed in the cooling water inlet pipe, and a pressure gauge, a thermometer and a shut-off valve should be installed separately for the inlet and outlet pipes.

The air-cooled air compressor must pay attention to its ventilation environment. The air compressor should not be placed in the vicinity of high-temperature machinery or in a poorly-ventilated enclosed space, so as to avoid high temperature and stop the exhaust. If it is placed in a closed space, it must be installed with air inlet and exhaust equipment. The air inlet is located at the lower part of the machine room, and the air outlet is located at the upper part of the machine room to facilitate the circulation of cold air. In general, the amount of air entering and leaving the air must be greater than the amount of air discharged from the air compressor.

5. Power system

When the air compressor is distributed, the correct voltage of the power supply must be ensured. According to the power of the air compressor used, choose the correct power cable diameter. Do not use a small power cable. Otherwise, the power cable will burn out due to high load and high temperature. The power cord must be a multi-strand copper core cable, and one of the three-phase four-wire system is the grounding wire.


It is better to use a power system separately for the air compressor, especially to avoid parallel use with other large power consumption systems. Otherwise, the main motor of the air compressor may be overloaded due to excessive voltage drop or three-phase current imbalance. High-power air compressors must pay special attention. And the power supply network load should be uniform, the voltage fluctuation is within ±5%, and the three-phase voltage imbalance is allowed to be ±1%. There must be no connection point between the power distribution cable from the power distribution cabinet to the air compressor.

According to the power of the air compressor, select the appropriate air switch to maintain the safety of the power system and maintenance. The grounding wire of the power system should be erected, and the grounding wire should not be directly connected to the compressed air conveying pipe or the cooling water pipe. All of the above are the issues that need to be considered when installing air compressor energy-saving pipes.

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