Air compressor pipeline station design considerations

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Design considerations for air compressor piping stations:

1. There must be sufficient maintenance space, between the air compressor and the air compressor, the distance between the air compressor and the wall surface is not less than 1.5m (can also be adjusted according to the model), and the maintenance can be Normal operation, the arm can be stretched out, and the station is free to facilitate inspection and maintenance.

2. Adequate cold air enters for air compressor compression and heat dissipation. Most of the cold air is used for heat dissipation. The air compressor room cannot be sealed or the doors and windows are closed.

3. The hot air generated by the radiator must be effectively diffused or discharged. It is generally recommended that the user install a ventilation duct, and an industrial fan is installed outside the ventilation duct. A small door for the ventilation duct and the radiator joint is left to periodically clean the dust accumulated in the radiator from the top to the bottom and from the outside to the inside with the air remaining in the air tank. If there is no condition to install the air hood, the radiator should also be at least 2m from the roof. The roof and the height of the wall must be equipped with a powerful fan to effectively extract the hot air.

4, the light is good, there is enough lighting.

5. If the crane can be installed in the large air compressor station and the components are allowed, it is quite necessary to install the crane. Because the main engine and motor of the large screw air compressor are damaged, the maintenance must be taken down. And motor mounting problems;

6. The ground must be leveled with cement. Place a thick rubber cushion under the air compressor. If it is closer to the residential area, install sound-absorbing panels on the walls and the top of the room to reduce noise reflection and leakage. There is no debris in the air compressor room.


Laying of compressed air system piping

Pipe laying should take into account the pressure loss caused by excessive distance, that is, the pressure drop. For factories with relatively high gas points, an annular gas supply pipe can be laid, and the pipe diameter of the main pipe is thickened to the air compressor outlet. Two to three times the diameter of the pipe, so that the amount of compressed air can be transported, and a specific point of use, get compressed air from both directions. The annular pipe can be installed with a gas storage tank in the middle of the pipe when necessary. In addition, when the air compressor is selected, a certain amount of compressed air is required to compensate for the loss of the pressure flow.

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