Foster officially became a member of the Compressor Branch of China General Machinery Industry Association!

2019-07-20 09:41:23 FSTpipe 81

In January 2019, our company officially became a member of the Compressor Branch of China General Machinery Industry Association.


China General Machinery Industry Association Compressor Branch (CCA) is a branch of China General Machinery Industry Association, which is owned by the national compressor industry (compressor main engine factory, spare parts factory, related equipment manufacturing plant, scientific research, teaching unit, etc.). Units, cross-regional and inter-departmental industrial social groups formed according to law and in accordance with the principles of voluntariness, equality and mutual benefit.

In the past 20 years since the establishment of the Compressor Association, under the leadership and support of the government authorities and the China General Machinery Industry Association, the "association is the 'link" and 'bridge' between the government and the enterprise. It is the government's assistant to the industry management. The call of the company has made positive contributions to the development of the compressor industry, adhering to: "Providing various services for the reform and development of member units, safeguarding the vital interests and legitimate rights and interests of member units, reflecting the wishes and requirements of members, Promote technological progress and management progress of enterprises, and promote the common development of the whole industry. The purpose of the conference is to serve all member companies wholeheartedly. For a long time, Foster has gradually adjusted its product structure and implemented a diversified high-end product strategy. The association will join the company in the production and process of compressed air pipelines. In terms of technology and industry procedures, it will increase exchanges with industry frontiers, boost energy conservation and emission reduction construction, and provide technical support for government regulatory authorities and production enterprises to serve the healthy development of China's air compressor industry.

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