[Good news] Foster was successfully selected as one of the first batch of synergistic multiplication enterprises in Dongguan

2019-07-20 09:34:26 FSTpipe 61

Guangdong Foster Fluid Technology Co., Ltd. adheres to the company's vision of becoming the “first brand of compressed air pipeline industry” and actively participates in the “multiplication plan” work of the municipal bureau. After the organization declaration, the town street recommendation, the municipal multiplication office and the municipal government approval Afterwards, it was finally confirmed that Guangdong Foster Fluid Technology Co., Ltd. became one of the list of Dongguan City's synergistic multi-enterprise enterprises (the first batch). Dongguan City has allocated a number of supportive policies with high gold content and mature promotion for the synergistic multi-enterprise enterprises, and has formed a high-quality multi-intensity development wave in the city.

Detailed list:

Guangdong Foster Fluid Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading global technology company specializing in the research, development, production and sales of fluid pipelines such as compressed air, inert gas, vacuum and nitrogen.

We always pay attention to the core needs of users, and strive to improve the production efficiency and profitability of users and reduce the energy consumption of users. Super Pipes has obtained a number of national patents, featuring energy saving, environmental protection, easy installation, repeated use, durability, and never leaking. Under the supervision of the national special inspection department, the company obtained the "Pipeline Component Manufacturing License" (referred to as TS certification) products in China, becoming the first choice of customers.

Because Foster for many years in good faith, excellent quality, on July 26, 2018, our company was awarded the first batch of synergistic multiplication enterprises!

We will adhere to the enterprise spirit of honesty and innovation as the soul. By gaining the synergy of Dongguan, we will more vigorously move towards our vision and become the leading brand in the compressed air pipeline industry, providing the best fluid conveying technology. , continue to create maximum value for customers!

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