Birthday Party | Mid-Autumn Festival, Happy BBQ!

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Missed the first cup of milk tea in Autumn

But be sure to catch the first barbecue in Autumn

As the saying goes

There is nothing in the world that can't be solved by eating a barbecue

If any, eat two meals!

Just tonight, as the Mid-Autumn Festival is approaching, 

in order to further enrich the cultural life of employees and promote the company’s corporate culture,

Be able to relax fully after stressful work, promote and deepen the communication and communication between employees,

FSTpipe organized the 2021 Mid-Autumn Mid-Autumn Barbecue birthday party for the employees of the headquarters,

 and all the employees of the headquarters spent the Mid-Autumn Festival together.


Guangdong Foster has prepared a wealth of Mid-Autumn Festival welfare gifts for all employees. 

Each gift not only conveys Foster’s meticulous care for employees,

It also conveys Foster's corporate culture concept of "Integrity, Passion, and Dedication".



There is no single perfect person, only perfect collective groups

In order to ensure everyone to enjoy the most beautiful feast time

  Some employees arrived early to prepare ingredients

Wash and cut, pour roasting sauce on, and skewers





The fireworks in the world are the most soothing to the hearts of mortals. 

The festive season has always been accompanied by food. 

FSTpipe carefully prepared the Mid-Autumn Festival "Flowers and Full Moon" barbecue feast for everyone.

The delicious vegetable ingredients, the fat but not greasy pork belly, the delicious beef and lamb skewers and other delicacies make everyone's index move.

Sitting around the roof of the headquarters building with colleagues who are close to family, 

looking at the bright moon in the sky, accompanied by classic Mid-Autumn Festival delicacies,

Appreciating the beautiful scenery of the good day and recounting the profound friendship together is the best reunion.

Oil, barbecue sauce, cumin powder, honey

High-end ingredients in the simplest way of cooking

Our ingredients

To be a good plumber, of course

do the piping at construction site and also able to cook foods in a small stall!


Night comes quietly

The air is full of hot carbon and food

A smoky barbecue master with his own unique craftsmanship

The expression is focused, the technique is proficient, and at first glance, it is professionally trained

Think you're about to start art when you're drunk and high?

Think too much, friend!

Next is the riddle guessing session and birthday party

Today’s event is really interesting. You can learn knowledge and get prizes.

"Before the event started, everyone was full of confidence, geared up, and prepared to show their skills.

As soon as the event started, the atmosphere was very cheerful. 

There are strips of colorful riddles hanging on the red lanterns, which are mysterious and surprising.

After answering the questions, everyone gathered together, you talked and thought about it every word.


Group photo of birthday stars in September

Meeting FSTpipe, meeting beauty, Mid-Autumn Festival, we are together,

At the same time, FSTpipe also hope that all employees in a foreign land will feel the warmth of this "home". In the days to come,

All FSTpipe people love and help each other, work hard with a better mental outlook, meet challenges, and create new achievements!


"Without fireworks, life is a lonely journey"

This sentence is simply tailor-made for barbecue

FSTpipe allows everyone to relax in their busy work

Enhance communication and understanding between each other

Is the meaning of our event

We wish you all a happy Mid-Autumn Festival.

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