Application of process pipes in construction

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Process pipelines play an important role in power, chemical, petrochemical, metallurgical and other production facilities, and the installation process is directly related to project quality and safe production capacity. In the process pipeline installation, the process pipeline technology is always a project with very high technical requirements and an extremely complicated installation process. 

The quality of the pipeline installation directly affects the quality of the transportation process, which not only affects the product transportation process, but also has a great effect on the work. Therefore, in the actual process pipeline installation, the installation quality must be controlled. Based on the on-site process pipeline installation in our country, this article reviews and discusses the pipeline installation control and the issues that must be paid attention to.


China's process pipeline installation quality control mainly includes: construction preparation stage, construction stage, inspection stage, inspection test, pipeline purging and cleaning stage. With the increasing technical requirements, in actual construction, we must make corresponding preparations, installation and construction, control, and anticorrosion according to the actual situation.

  1. Determine the process pipeline installation plan

Before determining the plan for the process pipeline installation, the basic quantity of the project installation and construction must be clarified according to the installation and construction site conditions and construction design. By mastering the overall project development status and the main material and manpower conditions of the construction unit, the main human and material resources for the construction must be guaranteed.

By systematically arranging material resources and manpower for comprehensive deployment, under the condition of ensuring the progress of the construction, the organization arranges the corresponding processes to save the construction staff and strive for the construction time, thereby enhancing the use of large machinery such as cranes.

The technical plan, as the focus of the construction plan preparation, mainly includes: accurate hoisting plan and welding process application. When encountering special material pipeline welding and large-diameter pipeline lifting, the technical description of the construction plan must be perfected, and the specific guidance basis should be used as the basis for on-site construction and installation.Secondly, according to the quality of the construction plan content and safety guarantee measures, integrate all aspects to determine the construction plan, and guide the site to carry out the corresponding construction reasonably and orderly.

    2. Application of Pipe Prefabrication Technology in Construction

Pipe prefabrication process is commonly used in China. Due to insufficient prefabrication depth and prefabrication volume, etc., it is necessary to pay attention to the construction and application of pipe prefabrication process. For example: some construction projects propose that the prefabrication of pipelines must be above 40%, which greatly increases the difficulty of construction enterprises according to actual conditions.

Prefabrication depth is the key link of process pipeline installation. At present, most enterprises in China still stay in the simple prefabrication process, for example: straight pipe section with elbow, two-to-one prefabrication process, etc., can only solve the simple process pipeline installation problem.

When the piping installation of pipeline equipment is performed, the prefabrication of the pipeline cannot be really exerted. Therefore, in actual construction, we must envision the construction process in advance, and install the corresponding prefabricated shells for the installation positions of mercury and heat exchangers when the relevant conditions permit.

In the simulation field pre-assembly assembly pipe, after the field assembly is completed, the welded joint of the simulation field group is pulled back to the corresponding prefabrication factory, and the automation equipment is used for welding directly, and the corresponding flanges are connected by bolts. So as to save the manual welding workload at the construction site and enhance the efficiency of pipeline installation.


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