[Explore] Is compressed air a dangerous chemical?

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Many people don’t understand what compressed air is. Let ’s take a look at the compressed air in the air compression pipe with FSTpipe ’s editor today.

According to the 2002 edition of the "Dangerous Chemicals List"-No. 143: Air (compressed) is a non-combustible gas, dangerous goods number 22003, UN number 1002, constituting dangerous chemicals.

According to GB18218-2009 of the Identification of Major Dangerous Sources of Dangerous Chemicals, oxidizing gases: non-flammable and non-toxic gases with a hazardous level of 2.2 and a minor hazardous category 5 gas exceeding a critical amount can constitute a major hazardous source.

The "list of dangerous goods" GB12268-2005 \ XG1-2007-- No. 1002: 2.2 part of the compressed air hazard, but does not belong to Class 5 dangerous secondary gas. Thus the compressed air not enough material to major hazards. CN number 22003.


According to "guidance to carry out supervision and management of major hazards of" security regulatory harmonization word [2004] No. 56, in line with the pressure line of the following conditions pose a significant hazard.

(1) Long-distance pipeline

① Pipes that transport toxic, flammable and explosive gases and have a design pressure greater than 1.6 MPa;

②Transport toxic, flammable and explosive liquid media with a distance of 200km or more and a pipe with a nominal diameter ≥300mm.

(2) Public pipeline

Medium and high pressure gas pipelines with a nominal diameter of ≥200mm.

(3) Industrial pipeline

①In the pipeline of GB5044, the degree of toxicity is extreme, highly hazardous gas, liquefied gas medium, and the nominal diameter is ≥100mm;

② Pipes transporting extreme and highly hazardous liquid mediums in GB5044, and the fire hazards specified in GB50160 and GBJ16 are Class A, B combustible gas, or Class A combustible liquid media, with a nominal diameter ≥100mm and a design pressure ≥4MPa

③ Pipes that transport other flammable and toxic fluids with a nominal diameter ≥ 100mm, a design pressure ≥ 4MPa, and a design temperature ≥ 400 ° C.


Compressed air is not toxic, flammable or explosive, and does not belong to Class A or B gases. Therefore, compressed air pipelines do not constitute a major source of danger.

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