To improve gas quality, start with the Foster compressed air pipe (FSTpipe)!

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At present, the hospital construction in our country is in the peak period, and all kinds of reconstruction projects have been launched one after another. in these construction projects, the construction level of medical compressed air pipeline system is not optimistic. 

The supply of medical gas is ultimately related to the life of patients. however, due to the lack of guidance and norms, there are a series of problems in equipment product design, development, manufacture, construction personnel, construction quality, construction acceptance and so on. the attention of the demand side is also easy to be ignored, and the budget proportion in the total investment is also small.


Medical gas engineering includes: oxygen supply system, vacuum suction system, compressed air pipeline supply system, mixed gas supply system, these gas supplies are in direct or indirect contact with patients, it will bring many hidden problems, this paper makes some analysis on the quality of the compressed air supply system.

Compressed air has the following main uses in various hospitals. 

1.  For respiratory and paralysis systems (clean air must be kept). 

2. As a medium for the use of spray therapy in patients with respiratory diseases. 

3.  As an oxygen concentration adjustment medium for premature babies, such as incubators, artificial respirators, etc. 

4.  As the power of circulating machines and dental equipment units. 

5.  It is used to blow off dirt and drive dental pneumatic drills. 

The compressed air used by the hospital is the hospital's own use of air compression mechanism, and has an independent central air supply system. 

The construction designed by each manufacturer adopts the outsourcing mode, which is provided and built by the manufacturer, and the central gas supply scheme designed by each manufacturer is different.


The main structure of the central gas supply system is composed of an air compressor, a gas storage tank, a compressed air drying and filtering device, an electronic control system and a compressed air pipeline. 

The compressed air machine is the source of gas supply. 

Now the more common use of rotary screw pump. 

Although the oil-free compressor is used or it is equipped with efficient oil and gas separation, the exhaust gas content is still 2mg/m ³- 3mg/m ³, and contains high relative humidity moisture and a lot of impurities. 

The quality of the gas is far from meeting the requirements of medical gas, so it can not be used directly. 

There are three main impurities in compressed air, namely, solid particles, water and oil; other pollutants include microorganisms and gaseous pollutants.


How to improve the quality of compressed air? 

Medical compressed air must meet the high-quality and high-quality requirements of odorless, tasteless, dry and clean. if you want to get high-quality air, you should start from the compressed air pipe. 

It is precisely because the compressed air pipe is widely used in our life and production, so in the purchase must not only pay attention to the price, can not be cheap.

1. The quality problem, the quality of the pipeline is very important, if leakage or corrosion and rust will cause great losses and safety problems. 

2. Safety guarantee, whether the compressed air pipe has passed the safety certification of relevant national institutions or departments. 

3. The reputation and service of the production enterprise, whether the production enterprise abides by its promise, has the ability of follow-up service and quality assurance. 

4. The technical strength of the enterprise, the enterprise should have the technical ability and production capacity of constantly updating products, and be able to ensure the stability of product quality. 

Otherwise, once there is a problem in the compressed air pipe, it will affect the status of the whole equipment and production, resulting in serious consequences such as product quality, equipment damage and production accidents.




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The product has won a number of national patents, with safe and fast, energy-saving and clean, re-use, sturdy and durable, never leak and other characteristics. 

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