The weather is getting hotter and hotter, and the company's summer heat operation measures against heatstroke and cooling! !

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Entering the summer season, the intensity of sunshine is high, the high-temperature weather continues, the summer is hot and hot, and how to prevent heatstroke and cool down becomes a problem that everyone cares about. The following Foster Xiaobian introduces the common sense of summer heatstroke cooling.

  1. Arrange the work reasonably, avoid the high temperature operation, pay attention to the hot weather forecast and notify the high temperature operation staff to prevent or stop the work in time; maintain normal contact with the high temperature workers, pay attention to the employee's condition, and temporarily remove the high temperature environment for the unhealthy personnel. Arrange for management personnel to conduct condolence inspections and high-temperature operation instructions for high-temperature workers.


  2. Regular drinking water: the most important thing in summer heatstroke is to timely add water, to keep enough water in the body can be consumed, it is recommended to drink boiled water, light saltwater, and tea, but should drink less, because the drink contains a lot of Saccharin and electrolytes, drinking too much will have adverse effects on the stomach.


  3. Eat more vegetables and fruits with high water content, vegetables with high water content: melon, cucumber, tomato, loofah, bitter gourd; fruits with high water content: watermelon, lemon, orange, pear. Summer is the most debilitating moment of human body resistance. At this time, you need to eat more fruits and vegetables to supplement vitamins and water to improve immunity and prevent disease. Also eat more meat, such as chicken, duck, goose, fish, to promote the body's metabolism.


  4. Carry the heatstroke prevention and cooling drugs: the heatstroke prevention and cooling drugs are Huoxiang Zhengqi oral liquid, ten drops of water, Rendan, Qingliang oil, Fengyoujing, avoiding phlegm, summer tablets and so on. In order to prevent the occurrence of emergencies, please bring some of the above medicines; in addition, in the summer, you should drink more traditional Chinese medicine to relieve heat and heat to achieve the purpose of heatstroke prevention.


How to first aid in the event of heatstroke?

When you have symptoms of heatstroke, you should first quickly transfer from a high-temperature environment to a cool, ventilated place to rest, and drink some salty beverages, such as light saltwater, mung bean soup, etc.; apply moisturizing oil, wind oil in the temple, or take Rendan, ten Drip water, musk qi water, etc.; if the body temperature rises, use a cool wet towel or ice bag to cool the head, underarms and thighs, or use 30% alcohol to rub the bath until the skin is red; if there are severe heatstroke symptoms, be sure to immediately call the emergency number and take the patient to the hospital for treatment.


At present, it is the high temperature in summer, which is the period of various safety production accidents. Please be sure to implement the safety requirements of the group companies and municipal governments, do a good job in the safety supervision of the construction or maintenance of the hot season, and do a good job in heatstroke prevention and cooling. In particular, we must implement the measures for prevention and cooling of the open-air workers. Work safely in summer to prevent and reduce accidents and create a safe and safe production environment.

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