[Industry information] Air compressor maintenance and maintenance of things you do not know

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The maintenance and maintenance of the air compressor is not difficult, especially if you have mastered the maintenance time and the corresponding maintenance content, the maintenance will become like a duck. 

Let's first summarize the places that our users often need to check before use. Originally, some water molecules will be generated during the air compression process. Sometimes, due to the problem of the temperature control valve, the machine running temperature is too low, which will generate a lot of water. At this time, the water in the paint bucket needs to be released before the air compressor is running. Add some lubricant to clear it and then inject new oil. Then check the oil level, and check the peripheral equipment before running, such as sending water and sending electricity, opening the compressor outlet valve.


When our air compressor was operated for 500 hours, only the particles within 15u were allowed to filter out due to the internal clearance of the screw machine. If the air filter plug is damaged, a large amount of particles larger than 15u enter the screw machine, which not only greatly shortens the service life of the oil filter and the oil separation core, but also causes a large amount of particles to directly enter the bearing cavity, accelerating the bearing wear and increasing the rotor clearance. The compression efficiency is reduced, and even the rotor is bitten and dead. Therefore, the maintenance of the new machine is not inevitable in the beginning of use. The air filter needs to be cleaned and cleaned from the inside to the outside with a low pressure compressed air of 0.2 MPa or less; the first oil change filter is performed; the first cooling is performed. Liquid; in addition, you can also clean the new air filter cup filter and drain valve for the first time.


Be sure to do these simple maintenance on the new machine. After one year, check the project:

1. Check the pipelines of various departments

2. Check the operation of the intake valve and whether the valve plate is closed.

3. Check all solenoid valves

4. Check the pressure maintenance valve

5. Check if each protection differential pressure switch is working properly.

6. Inspect the pipe joint fastening bolts and tighten the wire terminal screws

Replacement project:

1. Replace the air filter

2. Replace the oil filter

3. Replace the automatic drain valve filter

4. Replace the oil separator

5. Replace the air filter, oil filter

6. Replace the O-ring (cleaning cooler)

7. Supplement the grease of the motor


Four years later, the air compressor maintenance is another reincarnation point. I think the user definitely does not want the host to be damaged. At this time, even if you usually maintain the good condition, you should change the bearing and the oil seal to adjust the gap. Check the insulation of the motor, whether it is controlled above 1MΩ; replace the advanced coolant of the screw air compressor (the replacement cycle of the exhaust gas temperature below 85 degrees); clean the coolant circuit system.

The above is an important maintenance based on the characteristics of the working hours of the air compressor. If you have regular maintenance work on the air compressor, the effect will be better.


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