The specific principle of screw air compressor

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Below we understand the specific principle of the screw air compressor.

Firstly, Inhalation process: The screw-type intake side suction port must be designed so that the compression chamber can fully inhale, while the screw air compressor has no intake and exhaust valve groups, and the intake air only depends on a regulating valve. The opening and closing adjustments, when the rotor rotates, the space of the main and auxiliary rotors of the main rotor is turned to the opening of the inlet end wall, and the space is the largest, and the space of the rotor of the rotor is communicated with the free air of the air inlet. When the air is exhausted, the air of the groove is completely exhausted. When the exhaust is completed, the groove is in a vacuum state. When the air is turned to the air inlet, the outside air is sucked and flows into the groove of the main and auxiliary rotors in the axial direction. When the air fills the entire tooth groove, the air intake side end surface of the rotor is turned away from the air inlet of the casing, and the air between the tooth grooves is closed.

Second, the closed and compressed air pipe conveying process: the main and auxiliary rotors at the end of the inhalation, the main and auxiliary rotor tooth peaks will be closed with the casing, at this time the air is closed in the tooth groove no longer outflow, ie [closed process] . The two rotors continue to rotate, and the tooth peaks coincide with the groove at the suction end, and the mating surface gradually moves toward the exhaust end.

Third, the compression and injection process: In the process of conveying the compressed air pipe, the engagement surface is gradually moved toward the discharge end, i.e., gradually reduce inter-engaging tooth groove between the surface and the exhaust port, the teeth of the trench is gradually compressed gas The pressure is increased, which is the [compression process]. At the same time, the lubricating oil is also injected into the compression chamber and mixed with the chamber gas due to the pressure difference.

Fourth, the compressed air tube exhaust process: When the meshing end face of the rotor is turned into communication with the casing exhaust, (at this time, the pressure of the compressed gas is the highest) is started to be discharged by the compressed gas until the meshing surface of the tooth peak and the groove is moved to exhaust end face, at this time, the space between the two rotor meshing surfaces and the casing exhaust port is zero, that is, the completion (exhaust process), at the same time, the length of the groove between the rotor meshing surface and the casing air inlet is the longest, the inhalation process is in the principle of the screw air compressor, we can see that its biggest feature is: almost no air compressor maintenance, then what causes the fatality of such air compressor damage?

5. The specific analysis steps are organized as follows:

1. On-site investigation: Investigating the driver, there was an abnormal sound before the screw broke, but I was very careless.

2. Investigate the personnel in the electronic control room: Before the failure, the voltage and current have a small increase, but the number of times is very small. The answer of the problem is almost less than 2 seconds. The answer seems to be: the inside must be in the debris, in the air pressure During the operation of the machine, strong adhesive wear and tear occurred, which eventually led to abnormal operation of the engine, abnormal sound, and the instantaneous rise of the current and voltage of the electronic control room....

3. The quality of the air compressor passes through. During its normal use, premature part damage occurs, so that it is fatal and destroys the adhesive wear during use, resulting in the well-known damage of the air compressor.

4. The driver's awareness is not strong enough, still operate when the air compressor has abnormal sound.

5. The electronic control room personnel, safety awareness is not strong, in the case of abnormal current and voltage conditions, even if adjustments are made.

6. Electrical design personnel: It is also an important reason not to design overload protection for the construction circuit.

7. Construction patrol personnel; there was no patrol by location on time, and in the case of abnormal air compressors, no guidance was given at the first site.


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