The 2022 FSTpipe Mid-Year Sales Conference ended successfully~

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From July 14th to 15th, Guangdong Foster held a mid-year sales meeting in 2022, aiming to summarize the results of the first half of the year and the sales strategy deployment of the second half of the year.



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Conference Scene


At the beginning of the conference, Sales Director Zhang reviewed the sales development this year, reviewed and analyzed the overall market, and pointed out the problems and adjustment strategies in actual sales. In the first half of 2022, although the market situation is not optimistic and the entire industry is going through a painful period in the post-epidemic era, everyone is still full of fighting spirit and has not slack off. In response to the new situation and new situation, there are far more methods than difficulties. New sales channels, at the same time, we must build confidence, face up to difficulties, and get out of the predicament.


Guang  Dong Foster Fluid Technology Company Limited·President Fuli Wang▲

At the meeting, President Wang Dong of FSTpipe first reviewed the company's achievements in the first half of the year, summed up and analyzed the current situation of the industry and the trend of digital transformation, and pointed out the importance of the development of intelligent factory system, which is a common industrial equipment The industry offers a new generation of IoT services. The company will further focus on product creation, improve the stainless steel product series, improve the matching degree between products and the market, improve product quality, sink the business, increase the proportion of business personnel according to the market situation, and strengthen the customer-centric service mechanism. Focus on improving the strong strength of products and brands, and adapt to market changes with systematic thinking.

Finally, the President emphasized that all sales staff must believe in the power of the brand, the reputation of the brand, and the power of culture. Corporate culture is the driving force, maintenance and cohesion for the survival and development of an enterprise. Culture is tradition, and tradition is habit. We must cultivate good thinking habits, study habits and work habits, and form a huge cohesion with the unified way of thinking and behavior of the enterprise, and promote the continuous innovation and development of the enterprise.

Summary of sales work

During the meeting, the sales and regional managers made a comprehensive report on the sales work in the first half of the year and the work plan for the second half of the year. Mr. Zhang made detailed comments on each person's report content one by one, and made guiding measures for the problems and difficulties raised, and proposed effective solutions.

Sharing Sales Skills

Award Time


The Stars light the traveler, the Time give back to the fighters. At the end of the meeting FSTpipe awarded honorary awards to the individuals and teams that achieved outstanding results in the first half of 2022. Everyone expressed that they would draw strength from the winning role models, work together to achieve better results!

no pain no gain.

An honor, a responsibility.

Let excellence become a habit, and let growth never stop.

Conference Ending


Finally, Yangying Pan, general manager of FSTpipe, made a concluding speech for the conference. Mr. Pan first affirmed the good performance of the company's business department in the first half of the year, which mentioned Foster's ten military rules: persevering in learning, high self-discipline, because people who are better than you work harder than you. For new and old businesses, first of all, we must strengthen our beliefs, have the courage to overcome various unfavorable factors, base ourselves on the market, and adhere to high standards to promote work; secondly, we must continuously improve the level of business, insist on learning, and thirdly, we need to face it calmly and patiently, have a long-term vision, and There is a thinking of investing first and returning later. The more difficult the market is, the more it is necessary to expand investment and win the hearts of customers. Finally, Mr. Pan put forward a clear plan and specific strategy for the sales tasks in the second half of the year; with the spirit of courage to overcome all risks and challenges, he worked hard and continued to forge ahead in the pipeline industry.

Dinner Party

After two days of charging and learning, everyone gained a lot, ignited more enthusiasm for work, and the meeting ended successfully. The company prepared a special and rich dinner for family members who "go home" from all over the world. Everyone gathered together and drank passionately.

Dinner moments

There is no excuse, the mission must be achieved!

It is believed that with the joint efforts of all staff of FSTpipe, the future development will be prosperous, and it will reach a new level, create new brilliance, and help more industrial enterprises to speed up and develop with high quality!


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