Reasons for unstable pressure and insufficient air volume in compressed air piping

2019-10-31 09:46:58 FSTpipe 394

Why there is unstable pressure or insufficient air volume in compressed air piping?

1. The causes of unstable pressure and insufficient gas volume are related to the system's pressure instability and insufficient gas volume. It is actually a pressure problem. Our company's compressed air station is currently equipped with three screw air compressors. During normal production, two units are intermittently operated, one for standby; one for intermittent operation when the gas consumption is small, and two for standby. According to observations, the outlet pressure of the gas supply station has never been lower than 0.72 MPa, indicating that the gas production capacity of the unit is sufficient. Therefore, the cause of the unstable air pressure and insufficient air volume can be inferred to be caused by the unreasonable design of the gas delivery pipe network.


2. The original compressed air pipeline problem

(1) Random tapping, walking around, without the level of main, branch and secondary pipelines, is not conducive to pipe network management, no reasonable gas diversion and system pressure balance.

(2) The main pipe diameter is too small, and other branches are arbitrarily enlarged or reduced; too many end filters increase the system pressure drop; mixed flow occurs at the joints, etc., which adversely affect the stability of the air pressure.

(3) The necessary control valves are not installed in the compressed air pipeline system, which is not conducive to the system partition control and maintenance.

(4) In the compressed air pipeline system, except for the upstream compressed air station, which is provided with a gas storage tank, the intermediate link is not configured.

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