Pipeline Dad, you're a beautiful landscape

2020-06-22 10:57:10 85


Introverted, inclusive and direct
This is a characteristic of most dads. 

As a pressure pipeman
What does dad look like to you?
What kind of father are we?

An ordinary father, an extraordinary love,
It's a story that plays out all around us every day
Let's see
Confessions of a pressure pipedad


It's Father's Day again
Very busy recently
I'm sorry, kid. I stood you up again
We're -- Pipeline Dads


In your eyes
We're always sloppy
While we treat work
We are very clean
We can always interface
It nice and clean with a file

We always forget your and her birthday carelessly
but take care of the work
Where does the equipment need to be maintained
Where to pay attention to construction
We remember it clearly. 


Child, in your eyes
Pipedad could be dirt
But we are fashionable
In the pressure pipeline industry for many years
We are already
Integrated solution for pressure piping system
Professional provider
Beautiful, reasonable, firm and durable
These are all elements of fashion pipeline. 


Dad knew I was busy
But you know what, kid?
No matter when
Dad's shoulders are 
the mountain and a warm harbor
on which your mother and you can depend. 

Wherever we are
No matter how far away we are from home
You are always live in our hearts. 

Happy father's Day

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