Foster [Love Fund] award ceremony and employee birthday party ended successfully!

2019-07-20 08:45:24 FSTpipe 165

May is coming with a warm atmosphere. 

The sky is calm, the vegetation is happy, mild but not sparse, warm but not restrained.

In may, in addition to the long-awaited birthday party, the ceremony of awarding the fortune fund established by foster will be held on this beautiful night!


General manager Mr. Wang Foley said in the awarding ceremony that foster has always been committed to the public welfare, participated in the public welfare and implemented the public welfare.

To elevate public welfare to the height of corporate culture, not only enterprises should take the lead in public welfare, but also every employee should actively respond to the public welfare call and jointly build a positive corporate public welfare culture and atmosphere.I believe that with the joint efforts of all of you, fu fund will surely do better and foster will become stronger and stronger!


Mr. Qiu xudong, chairman of the fund, introduced the organizational structure of the fufu fund committee, and the following members will be formally invited to jointly manage fufu fund for a term of one year.


In the eyes and applause of relevant leaders and all employees of the company, fu fund was officially established. At this moment, everyone could not help but raise a glass to celebrate.


It is often said that life needs a sense of ritual, but work also needs a sense of belonging.On the big screen at the center of the stage tonight, there are many handsome, lovely, beautiful and generous photos of the birthday guests in April and may.In everyone's warm applause, the birthday stars came to the stage, wang always as always personally for each birthday star to write their birthday CARDS, send their birthday gifts.

You can't help but be touched, so embrace!

In the familiar birthday blessing song, we blew out the birthday candle together, made a birthday wish, share the birthday cake together, share the joy at the moment together!Wish you a smooth life and work in the coming year!


The awarding ceremony and birthday party of fu foundation have come to a successful conclusion. In the days of struggle, we are grateful to have you. On the road of future public welfare and development, forster will continue to march forward and create more brilliant achievements!

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